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Learning Your Hosts Network
A savvy customer is a happy customer. If you have a shared hosting account, whether your host has their own network or not may not matter allot to you. Usually if someone is offering a $3.95 a month web hosting account odds are they do not have their own network. Likely you're an account on a server in a rack in a huge warehouse style facility.

The reservation I have about such hosting facilities is someone stating the connectivity information and infrastructure of their facility without saying the machine is hosted there, but claiming ownership. I have read sites that sound like this is one massive facility, only to find that the person was hosting a hand full of machines on a T-1 out of his garage.

A virtual or shared hosting account from a reseller of services seems fine. I would make sure if I place a  dedicated server somewhere is put in a building owned by the person claiming to be the host. After all why pay a middle man to be your point of contact.

We are out to confirm whether they even have a network in this learning.

Let's take the steps and learn about your host.  On windows do run/cmd ping domain.com

I ping www.logicalpackets.com as an example above. All we really gathered here is the IP address associated to your domain it is important information we will use in a minute.

Now we will take this address open the Quest looking glass link available on this site or "Click here"

We are wanting to know from this single IP what is the super-net associated and routed for this IP. We are using BGP radio button here. It stands for Border Gateway Protocol.

What have we learned above from the looking glass? At this point we have learned that the IP address is actually a CIDR /21 or 8 Class C blocks which is 254 ip addresses X 8 = 2046 Max Hosts addresses. This super-net or a subnet.  Continued Here  "Next Page"


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