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Learning Your Host & BGP Play
Ok on review of the previous page we know that www.logicalpackets.com is located on the subnet.

Ok now click the link "BGP Play" This link is also available in the site here so there is no need to book mark it. Java is required here so if you do not have it then you will have to get it. Click the button Start BGP play.

When the interface spawns in Java it will look like the image above. Note I have entered which we will query.

Now the return should look something like the above for this network. Now don't be overwhelmed here you are seriously learning allot by all these numbers. The hosts ASN is a globally unique number that is used to identify an Autonomous System (AS) and it enables an AS to exchange exterior routing information with neighboring AS numbers. An AS is a connected group of IP networks that adhere to a single and clearly defined routing policy.

You can see from the query sample above that www.logicalpackets.com is part of the as26286 network. Ok what is that? A host has to pay ARIN or RIPE to generate a unique ASN for their network if they plan to use BGP protocol and enjoy the multi-homed benefits of the protocol.

By clicking on the ASN or the number you can see at the top of the page who owns the AS # in this example as26286 belongs to ActiveServers, Inc. You can now go to Arin Click Here. Type in that number in the whois query and all the registration information about the company will come back to you.  If your hosts network does not have a connection on each side of their AS they are not multi-homed. ActiveServers has a private peer with as4323 which is Time Warner and a peer with Cogent as174. By standing in the middle of these two large networks they have the benefit of both networks with regard to routing. Redundancy of their network is greater than the Time Warner or Cogent networks alone. Because either could be doing maintenance or be completely unreachable and a route is still available on the other peering arrangement.

If if your host is not listed or does not have a AS number then certainly it is not their network.  Previous Page.


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